Olivine paper

This paper is the first carbon negative paper in the world. It draws on the natural CO2-sinking properties of olivine and captures 130kg of CO2 per tonne of paper. By replacing conventional paper filler with CO2 reacted olivine, the overall carbon dioxide emissions are 25% lower than that of ordinary paper.

Carbon dioxide based paper is one of the possible applications for olivine the company Green Minerals is currently investigating. Led by Professor Pol Knops, this research aims to offer an alternative to deposit calcium carbonate (PCC) as an additive filler in the paper industry.

By replacing PCC with CO2 reacted olivine, Green Minerals hopes to make the first application of a carbon-negative paper.

While olivine naturally has carbon sinking properties, these take a long time to be activated. Thus, natural olivine will not be enough to counteract the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. Green Minerals seeks to speed up the mineralisation process of CO2 in Olivine. Moreover, the company uses the CO2 released as a part of the paper production process as a raw material for the new generation of carbon-negative paper. 

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